Why it is Good to Have a Guide

There are many different types of climbing activities. There is ice climbing, rock climbing and mountaineering just to name a few. Each of these has its own challenges. But, no matter which one chooses to participate in there are several things that they need. One of these that is very important is a guide.

Skills and Knowledge

Anyone that is going to do a climb of some type needs to have the skills that the climb demands. But, each climb will create its own unique challenges. The skills of the climber may not be up to par for that particular climb. A guide is highly skilled and experienced. They are considered to be professional mountaineers with the proper credentials. They have advanced skills that can be used to help climbers who are not sure of a particular component of a climb.

In addition to this, the guide has the knowledge of the climb they are leading. They are totally familiar with the terrain that will be covered. Their knowledge can be relied on for advice as to whether a particular climb is too difficult based on the skills and expertise of those that they are going to be guiding.

What Will the Guide Do?

The guide will know which mountain routes are best suited for the climbers. They will also have the ability to be able to gauge the weather. This is critically important for any type of climb. The weather can turn quickly and those unfamiliar with the area may not be aware of the signs that this may be taking place. The guide will know whether based on the weather the climb can continue. If this is not the case then the experience of the guide will help the climbers handle the weather conditions they are being exposed to.