What Makes Mountaineering in New Zealand so Much Fun?

Everyone has their own reasons for participating in the activities they choose. When it comes to mountaineering the same applies. Some of the most common reasons are simply because there are so many mountains in New Zealand that present the perfect challenge. For others, it is simply an adventure. For some it is a way for them to push themselves to greater achievements.


While there are many different components that go into having a good mountaineering adventure, preparation is one of the most important ones. Most people that enjoy this type of climb have a set schedule that they think will apply to the adventure. Many times though this schedule is only a rough guide. Climbers can easily run into rough weather that is going to cause them to hunker down until it becomes more cooperative.

Type of Climbing Style

There are many who have had great mountaineering adventures in New Zealand, which span across climbing many different mountains found here, low and high alike. Some believe that part of their success depends on the style of mountaineering they have adopted. For example, some believe in lightweight climbing which means they are dealing with less weight to carry allowing them to function better under various weather conditions. There are some climbers who have the objective in mind of building camps throughout the trek and the goal of getting to the top then heading back down as quickly as possible.


Another big factor that contributes to making New Zealand mountaineering so much fun is that there are plenty of choices when it comes to available mountains to be climbed. They all have their own set of unique challenges but still have much in common. There are opportunities here for novice mountaineers to socialize with more advanced climbers and learn from their experiences.