What Is Rock Climbing All About?

When it comes to climbing, for those that are interested in this type of activity, they will most likely want to study rock climbing first.

What is Rock Climbing?

For one to be participating in rock climbing, it means they are going to climb across a terrain that is comprised of different types of rock, that have formed a variety of structures. There can be different goals that the climber may set for themselves. Some will want to go to the summit of the rocks. Others will want to complete a specific trail successfully.

The Basics of a Rock Climb

What makes rock climbing somewhat different than some of the other types of climbing sports, is that there is no descent. In most cases, the climb is only comprised of the ascent. This is because it is far too dangerous to climb down this type of terrain.

What Does Rock Climbing Require?

Rock climbing creates several requirements for a successful endeavour. The participant has to be physically and mentally fit. This type of climb is demanding, and an individual who is not in good shape will not be able to participate in a successful way. It requires substantial strength and endurance. At the same time, the rock climber has to be agile and be able to balance themselves. It also requires developing the skills needed for the climb.

Types of Rock Climbing

There are different versions of rock climbing. The most common is free climbing, but there is also aid climbing. There are undoubtedly some significant differences between these two categories. Free climbing uses gear that is only designed for protection. The equipment does not assist with the climb. The climber has to rely on their strength, durability and agility. In aid climbing, it means the climber will be relying on equipment that will assist them with the clime.