Serious Mountaineering is Not Cheap

There are a lot of novice climbers that have aspirations of becoming fully involved in mountaineering. Some extend their dreams of climbing the tallest mountain in the world which is Mt. Everest. This is a noble dream and one that many have, but much fewer are able to turn it into a reality. Not only because of the skills and challenges that mountaineering poses but because of the substantial costs involved if one is choosing a mountain like Mt. Everest to tackle.

There are several different costs that are incurred for this specific adventure. Some individuals find that they may need to take out a

personal loan to meet the financial demands this particular climb is going to put on them

Education and training

No matter how much one has participated in mountaineering they are going to want extra training if they are going to tackle Mt. Everest. The type of training talked about here is the physical training. This mountain trek is going to put a heavy demand on the body both physically and mentally. The costs for this can run up to about $8,000. This includes the cost for a fitness trainer and perhaps the cost for hiring a coach that is experienced in Mt. Everest climbing.

The Equipment

As one can well expect they are going to need a variety of equipment for tis climb and that which is of the best in quality. There is no way anyone wants to cut costs on their equipment which includes their clothing when it comes to a climb such as this. It is said by the professionals that the average weight for the gear for the Mt. Everest climb is about 32 pounds. Translate that into money and you are looking at about $10,000.

The Climb Expenses

Among the climbing expenses is going to be the permit which can cost $10,000. and up.