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Do Students Enjoy Climbing as a Recreational Activity?

There is no one set type of people who find the different forms of mountaineering enjoyable. What could be said about them all who participate in this sport is they like the challenge. Mountaineers are those who enjoy climbing mountains but there are other forms of climbing that may not […]

Climbing Mount Everest with a Disability and a New Challenge

So many times people with disabilities are underestimated in what they can achieve. One may think that the term mountaineering is not one that would hold any merit for the disabled. But, those that think that way would be wrong. Mt. Everest Achievements There are many that have gained recognition […]

Survival of the Fittest in a Climber Emergency

Anyone that is setting out on a climbing adventure does so with a positive attitude. But, that doesn’t mean that don’t assess the potential risks. Nor does it mean that they do not take every means possible for the prevention of any mishap. New Zealand Mountains are Not to Be […]

Serious Mountaineering is Not Cheap

There are a lot of novice climbers that have aspirations of becoming fully involved in mountaineering. Some extend their dreams of climbing the tallest mountain in the world which is Mt. Everest. This is a noble dream and one that many have, but much fewer are able to turn it […]

Insurance for Climbing While Visiting New Zealand

Many people live in New Zealand (NZ) who enjoy mountaineering every chance they can get. Then at the same time, many tourists visit here and want to experience a climb of some sort. Which undoubtedly raises the question, as to whether they have proper insurance to cover this form of […]

Impressive New Zealand Casinos

For those who live in New Zealand or visit there, it is apparent that there is plenty of activities to keep one busy. One of the favourite forms of entertainment is what the casinos offer. This is such a popular past time that there are several casinos in the country […]

Checking Out Mountain Casinos

Mountains, in general, hold a lot of intrigue for many people. The majority of people who get to view them will all agree that they create a spectacular view. Then, of course, there are those who love to enjoy the challenges that these elements of nature produce. To do this […]

Slot Games with Mountain Themes

There are many different forms of entertainment that anyone can participate in. Some are more popular than others. For example, some people enjoy gaming as their form of entertainment. Others enjoy playing the slots. There are many features of these that draw the attention of the players. One of these […]

What Makes Mountaineering in New Zealand so Much Fun?

Everyone has their own reasons for participating in the activities they choose. When it comes to mountaineering the same applies. Some of the most common reasons are simply because there are so many mountains in New Zealand that present the perfect challenge. For others, it is simply an adventure. For […]

Solo Climbing is Not a Wise Decision

Human instinct for some is not only to take on challenges but to create even greater ones. This might be the lifestyle of the mountaineer. With a hunger to find the next steepest mountain and one which as yet has not been defeated some mountaineers may be tempted to take […]