Mountaineering in the Himalayas

There are many different mountaineering opportunities in the Himalayas. Some mountain regions are more recognized than others.

Mt. Everest

Almost all Western children are taught of the travails and troubles of the very 1st person to summit the peak of this gargantuan mountain with the help of his trusty guide and companion.

A full nine expeditions had set out to tame this roaring giant and had failed to reach the summit before Sir Edmund Hillary set out with his team including the able and competent Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay in 1953 to make one incredible push to the place many considered the top of the world.

Mount Everest is found in the range of mountains commonly known as the Himalaya’s which stretch over a vast distance abutting a range of countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan and further into India and Tibet and of course Nepal. In fact, approximately 75% of Nepal is in the mountain ranges of the Himalaya’s.

The great peak of Everest is not the prize of a single country. The fact is that the peak of the frightening mountain is split between the countries of Tibet and Nepal. The vast majority of those seeking to ascend the mountain do so from the Nepalese side for a variety of reasons.

While most have heard of Everest there are other peaks in the Himalaya’s that also attract those looking for adventure and great climbing can be found in many areas and can appeal to climbers of all skill levels.


Far smaller peaks can be reached without the need for a full scale expedition which makes climbing in the range both exciting and fun without the risk of death looming over the party.

For those intent on the glory and danger of trying for the hardest climb available even Everest itself is overshadowed by what many consider the hardest climb in the Himalaya’s which is climbing the K2.