Mountaineering in Queenstown

There are many places throughout New Zealand to enjoy some mountaineering. For many their favourite location is Queenstown. Some refer to this as being a climbing paradise for mountaineers.

Choices of Queenstown Mountaineering Adventures

One of the great reasons for choosing Queenstown as a mountaineering location is the options that the climber has. There are one-day trips which are ideal for those who don’t have time for long expeditions. These one-day trips include a climb of the Single Cone.

The Time of Year

The time of year that you are deciding on a mountaineering adventure in Queenstown is going to dictate the types of challenges that you may face. For example, when climbing the Grand Traverse of Single and Double Cone may be most enjoyed from December on. This is because the ridge has very little snow and ice accumulation. At this time it means less equipment is needed.

The Remarkables

There probably is not a climbing adventure in Queenstown that is not challenging. But for some that are looking for the thrill of the climb then it means tackling the Remarkables. The climbing area here is 2000m up the west face. When one is ready to enjoy the view from here they are going to be most impressed. It consists of a beautiful view of Lake Wakatipu as well as many of the other mountains surrounding this area. There are several different routes that can be enjoyed. Using the services of a guide that specializes in this area will ensure that the climber is getting the most from this climbing experience.

Planning Your Queenstown Mountaineering Adventure

It is well worth doing some research as to what tours are available for the various mountaineering excursions in Queenstown. At the same time, it may be beneficial to check out some of the short courses that are offered for climbers in this region.