Mountaineering in New Zealand

There are plenty of locations throughout the world that offers the opportunity for a large variety of mountaineering adventures. One that is a favourite of many and with good reason is New Zealand.

Taking Courses

Anyone that is going to want to enjoy mountaineering in New Zealand is going to want to make sure they have taken the proper training. It is such a popular sport in this country that there are numerous institutions that specialize in different types of training. There are some good selections that will allow a climber to choose the training that they feel is best suited for them.

Alpine Regions

There are several high alpine regions in New Zealand. Different regions offer different challenges. Also, they vary in the type of conditions they present. Most feel that for those that are interested in ice climbing then they need to check out the Southern Lake region. Also, the Darrans is a good location. For those that are climbing in the winter, they may want to tackle the volcanos in the Tongariro region. Or perhaps the Taranaki regions.

Southern Alps

This is a favourite region of many mountaineers. Climbing opportunities are situated about the McKenzie Basin on the east side. The challenge here is for those climbers who are looking for the highest peaks in the Southern Alps. This region of New Zealand is for serious climbers who are prepared to face long glaciers and altitudes that are lower compared to other regions.

Arthurs Pass National Park

For those that want a region that is easy to access then this is the area to consider. The climbing conditions here vary from low hills to steep climbs and peaks that are heavy in glaciation.

For those that are new to mountaineering in New Zealand it is worth doing some research as to where the best places are, based on the type of challenges the climber wants.