Insurance for Climbing While Visiting New Zealand

Many people live in New Zealand (NZ) who enjoy mountaineering every chance they can get. Then at the same time, many tourists visit here and want to experience a climb of some sort. Which undoubtedly raises the question, as to whether they have proper insurance to cover this form of activity.

Checking Out Your Travel Insurance

It is very common for visitors to buy travel insurance to give them the protection they need while away. Often, the buyers of this insurance product will want protection for mishaps, such as lost luggage, or in some case accident or illness cover. Many of the travel insurance products provide for a whole gambit of misadventures.

Some assume that when they buy this category of insurance, it is going to cover them, no matter what activity they may be involved in. This may not be the case, and it will depend on the insurance provider. It could be that if a mishap occurs while the traveller is enjoying some mountaineering, that they will not be covered by insurance.

ACC Insurance

Travellers to New Zealand should familiarise themselves with the Accident Compensation Corporation in New Zealand. This is particularly important for those visitors who want peace of mind concerning insurance coverage if they are going to participate in some mountaineering. This insurance system in New Zealand offers optional coverage for this activity. This is not something that some of the other travel insurance providers may offer.

Common Sense and Prevention

While one, as a traveller, has to be prepared for any misadventure when travelling, it doesn’t mean that common sense should not be applied at all times. Mountaineering is very popular in NZ, but this is an activity that requires skill, experience and training. It is really not something that a novice should partake in.