Famous Mountains in New Zealand

If you say the words “Mountain Climbing” most of us almost always picture the most obvious examples, the ones that have held our fascination. Such as the beautiful and imposing Mount Everest or the lesser known but equally as dangerous and in some opinions harder to climb K2 both of which are of course found in the mountain range known as the Himalaya’s.

New Zealand Mountains

Serious climbers however know of other mountain ranges that are of equal interest but may be lesser known to the general public. Some of these peaks are found in the incredibly beautiful country of New Zealand.

The Southern Alps

Located in the Southern Alps the highest mountain in New Zealand is Mount Aoraki/Mt.Cook with a peak reaching the height of 3.724 meters above sea level. While not quite as high as Everest at over 8000 meters this is still quite the climb for even the most seasoned of explorers.

New Zealand has an incredibly diverse range of peaks to ascend all in similar area to Aoraki in the Southern Alps such as Mounts Tasmen, Dampier and Vancouver reaching peak heights of 3,497m, 3,440m and 3,309m respectively.

All in all there are over 20 peaks that reach heights of over 3000 meters in New Zealand, some being mountains and others being shoulders of existing mountains.

North Island

On the North Island are three volcanos grouped together that are quite famous and imposing in their own right, Mt. Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngauruhoe.

As many avid followers of pop culture know the awesome Mt. Ngauruhoe was the famed “Mount Doom” in the Lord of the Rings trilogy filmed almost entirely in New Zealand.

While this mountain certainly captured the attention of the world in that film the fact is that it is one of but many that fill the land known as New Zealand.