Do Students Enjoy Climbing as a Recreational Activity?

There is no one set type of people who find the different forms of mountaineering enjoyable. What could be said about them all who participate in this sport is they like the challenge. Mountaineers are those who enjoy climbing mountains but there are other forms of climbing that may not quite reach this level but nevertheless pack some thrills.

Students Participating in Climbing

In most cases, students who are still involved in their studies don’t get a lot of opportunities to really participate in mountaineering. But there are some schools like the University of Auckland that has a recreation centre that does allow for some rock climbing as a form of exercise and entertainment. For some an introduction to this type of activity may be enough to spur their interest where they will take climbing to the next level. Which means they may decide to participate in mountaineering. Most likely once they have graduated and have more time to dedicate to this. Although it is not unheard of for students to use their school breaks to indulge in this type of activity.

Basic Mountaineering

For those students who are developing an interest in mountaineering, they may soon find that the climbing activity offered in their recreation centres soon loses its challenges. Now students want to move onto something more exciting. This may mean that they want to start climbing some summits. They most likely will start off with some that are difficult but can soon be overcome. Once this happens then the quest becomes to look for more climbs with increasingly difficult challenges. This can very well be the starting point for a mountaineer.

It is a good thing that the school setting allows for some type of climbing activity as it allows an interested person to really determine if this is a sport they would like to increase their participation in.