Climbing Mount Everest with a Disability and a New Challenge

So many times people with disabilities are underestimated in what they can achieve. One may think that the term mountaineering is not one that would hold any merit for the disabled. But, those that think that way would be wrong.

Mt. Everest Achievements

There are many that have gained recognition for the challenges they overcame when tackling what Mt. Everest was prepared to throw at them. This is not only in reference to those who were physically and mentally fit, but among this list were several that had some form of disability. One name that many will recognize is Tom Whittaker. Tom gained recognition as being the first disabled individual to climb this mountain. His disability came about as a result of a car accident that caused him to have his foot amputated. It took Tom three attempts to reach the peak of Mt. Everest which is a feat that many fully fit people have tried many times over and failed.

A Change In Rules

For many mountaineering enthusiasts that have some form of handicap the aspiration of beating the challenges of Mt. Everest is the driving force behind their determination to stay involved in a sport that is so dear to them. But, it would seem that this hope of climbing Mt.Everest may be dashed. At least for those whose disability is comprised of being blind or a double amputee. This is because the tourism industry of Nepalese has put a ban in place for those who fit into this disabled category and have the intention of attempting to climb this mountain. This governing body has implemented this restriction in an attempt to prevent accidents. Based on the past history of about 300 individuals meeting their death while attempting this mountain climb since 1922. This new rule serves as a great dsappointment for those with disabilities of this nature that aspired to climb the mountain.