All You Want and Need to Know About Mountaineering

Most often when an individual begins to take an interest in mountaineering they want quick and easy access to the basics of what this amazing activity is about.

There are plenty of resources of information but this site has streamlined a lot of the important and starter information into sections. This way an interested party can find what they are looking for quickly and then research a topic of interest further if they decide to do so.

Recent News

The recent news section here is found to be really interesting by many that visit it. It is a section that talks about a whole gambit of topics regarding news that pertains to mountaineering.

Topics of Interest

When an individual is interested in mountaineering there are so many different topics that they want to check out. Here on this site we have chosen to focus on those that we feel are the most important and will give the reader some insight about these. Some of the topic touched upon are;

  • What mountaineering is all about
  • Ice climbing
  • Rock climbing

Ther are many parts of the world where one can go to participate in mountaineering. Some of the posts here are dedicated to this. A special focus has been put on New Zealand because mountaineering here is so popular and there are so many opportunities to enjoy different versions of climbing.

This site is meant to enhance the readers interest in mountaineering and give some basic insigths into the different components that this sport is comprised of.